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Container Seals

Tamper-proof Your Containers and Shipments

Container seals are extensively used to secure high-value global delivery packages once the shipment is stacked and packed. This seal remains on the shipment until the delivery point is reached, and then the representative removes it. They can vary from either being a bolt seal or a cable seal and each has its own identification number that is recorded on the delivery administrative work. Container seals are majorly used by shipping and logistics companies to ensure tamper-proof deliver of shipments.

Robust Solution for Secure Shipping

  • Security Seals: Used for shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and ensure the highest level of security.
  • Bolt Type Container Seals: Bolt seals are widely used to secure shipping containers, trucks, and trailers. Bolt seal used for securing containers must conform to ISO.

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Container Seals - Temper Evident Solutions

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Security seals are a one-time use product or device. Designed to prevent, discourage or identify theft, seals help to detect unauthorized entry into high-security environments, protected areas, containers or goods. Bolt seals are precisely designed to safeguard high-value cargo. It comprises a body made of carbon steel and coating of ABS plastic to provide the indication of tampering through enhanced visibility. Additionally, both the body and bolt is laser-etched through matching numbers.

These seals are generally used to secure truck trailers, vessel containers, chemical drums, airline duty-free trolleys and more. These security seals have a relative high breaking strength and a bolt cutter is required for removing a bolt seal.

We at Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC care about your security concerns. Therefore, we provide the most reliable and strongest container seals in the market. Using a sturdy seal increases the safety of the container and does not allow unauthorized access to the crucial item packed inside.

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Container Seals

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