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Corrugated Boxes

The Safest Way to Pack and Ship Your Products

Corrugated boxes are widely used for packing a wide assortment of products and comes in a number of shapes including cylindrical, round, cube, or for custom-shaped items. These sturdy packaging boxes tend to disburse the weight of their loads evenly. This makes stacking, saving warehouse space and making inventory tracking easier.

Low Cost & High-Value Custom Corrugated Boxes:

  • Custom Die Cuts
  • Auto Bottom Products
  • Custom Shipping Boxes
  • Four Corner Glue Trays

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Corrugated Boxes - We Think Inside & Outside The Box

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Practically every industry has some use of corrugated boxes in some form. Some may need it for shipping products to retailers to sell or receiving OEM components to build products for an end user, the application areas and needs are huge. Some of them include -

  • Heavy Duty Boxes – single, double, or triple walled, available in multiple depths
  • Cube Boxes – popular for shipping cylindrical objects
  • Flat Boxes – great boxes for books, art, records, pictures and more
  • Long or Tall Boxes – used for shipping anything from wine bottles to golf clubs
  • Shipping Boxes – selected for shipping paints and chemicals in cylindrical cans, buckets, or pails
  • Master Cartons – consolidates freight of small cube boxes into an easy to handle single carton

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Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC specialize in providing a variety of custom-designed packaging materials to its customers. Our corrugated boxes are designed to match your specific shipping, display or packaging needs. From concept to design, prototype to final delivery, we strive to provide excellent service, superior products, and innovative ways to quickly meet the expanding and evolving needs of our customers.

Corrugated Boxes

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