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Stretch Film

Keeping Items Tightly Bound Together.

Also known as Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film is the most commonly used packing supplies to bind shipping materials that go to the warehouses or the distribution centers. Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC provides a complete range of hand stretch film (manually applied) and machine stretch film (applied with equipment) to packaging and logistics businesses as per their needs.

Our stretch films feature consistent high quality and superior performance because they are made from linear low-density polyethylene resins. The key features of our stretch films are:

  • The uniform and high holding force that the stretch film applies to a load
  • It provides protection from dust and damage methods.
  • Its ability to identify the product while also keeping it clean.
  • It is the most economical method of unitizing

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Types of Stretch Wrap: Hand Stretch and Machine Stretch

Hand Stretch Film

Stretch film designed specifically to be applied manually is referred to as hand stretch film. It is typically utilized in lower volume packaging operations. Our hand stretch film is available as traditional cast & blown manufactured products, to deliver high performance/low-gauge as well as pre-stretched.

Machine Stretch Film

Stretch film applied with a stretch wrap machine provides many advantages including faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, and more. Readily available in a variety of widths and gauges, our machine stretch film has unsurpassed puncture & tear resistance and possess excellent holding force.

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Application Areas of Stretch Film

Stretch film like no other takes out the human error from packaging. It has great versatility and can be used differently for a number of applications.

We Provide Stretch Film to -

  • Fed Ex and UPS Shipping Companies
  • Flooring Installers and Distributors
  • Picture Frame Makers
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Carpet Mills
  • Building Material
  • Pipe and Tubing Suppliers
  • Movers

Stretch Film

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