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Stretch film is commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet. It is designed to tightly hold the objects and provide a secure overwrap to protect them from shifting during transportation. It can be used to wrap pallets by machine or by hand, and include clear plastic films or printed or coloured stretch wrap. This film is mainly used to minimise transportation & warehouse damages.

Pinnacle Packaging manufactures excellent product packaging stuff that acts as a boon to the modern age product packaging. Stretch Film would be the excellent product packaging stuff to the modern age product packaging. It truly is made for guide book and automatic extend covering devices so that it is unit agreeable. It truly is light weight and possesses the energy for you to resist large hole. As a result it is very made for commercial product packaging solutions and pallet covering and is a new boon for today’s modern-day product packaging sector.


  • It wraps products on pallets and secures them.
  • Tightly hold the objects to provide a secure overwrap during transportation.
  • Low supply cost, transportation saving.
  • Minimises transportation & warehouse damages.
  • Transparency helps to scan through optics
  1. These films can be used in agricultural films to reduce weed growth or protect seedlings.
  2. Stretch film provides a vapour or air barrier in construction applications
  3. Also used as lightweight can liners and trash bags for waste management applications.

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