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Printed tapes

A Better Solution Than a Printed Carton

Printed tapes are highly effective in sealing packages and looks professional too. These tapes can be printed with a custom message, brand name or anything specific. This also helps in establishing the brand and assure customers for the quality packaging. Packaging requires a tape eventually, so why not go with a printed one. It has twice the benefits of a simple tape. These are less expensive than having carton boxes printed with your company logo to make your shipments branded and unique.

Different Printed Tapes for Different Needs:

  • Pressure-sensitive: Have a hot melt adhesive that makes it very versatile and is less expensive than water-activated tapes (WAT). Easy and cost-effective to apply. You only need a handheld tape dispenser to apply the tape.
  • Water-activated: Water activated tape blends in with corrugated boxes to create a seamless appearance. These tapes also create a more permanent seal and are 100% recyclable.

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Printed Tapes – Keep Your Packages Intact While Displaying Your Brand

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Using printed tapes can reduce the need to hold a large stock of printed cartons. Instead of purchasing printed cartons, you can go for plain cartons, which are less expensive and can be purchased in smaller quantities, saving you money and storage space. We at Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC offer a comprehensive printed tape solution and our in-house printing allows our customers to customize tapes according to their needs and greater print flexibility.

Benefits of using Printed Tapes


  • The first thing customers see is the brand
  • Display an enterprise level of professionalism
  • Stand out from the competition


  • Securing the package from any breach
  • Avoid tampering in transit
  • Best for handling instructions to reduce injury, error and, theft

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Branding your packages has never been easier. The design and production experts at Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC will be with you every step of the way, from order through to delivery. Be assured, we allow our customers to have printed tapes with tons of personalization options. The best part is, these tapes are kind to your pocket and help you spread a word about your brand without an extra effort.

Printed tapes

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