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Photo Copy Papers

Engineered for Printing in High-speed Copiers and Printers

From photocopying to laser printing, inkjet printing, high-speed copying & printing, and Fax, photocopy papers are in use practically everywhere. The only things that differentiate these blank sheets are the intended use, application area, paper type, size, and quality.

Pinnacle’s high-quality Photocopy Paper with high brilliance provides excellent contrast and clarity to the documents. At Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC, we guarantee to all our customers that our top-notch photocopy paper will give a trouble-free performance. The quality standards that set us apart are:

  • The eco-friendly paper that is recyclable
  • Precision cut edges for smooth printing operations
  • Both side printability
  • Elemental chlorine free papers
  • No dust copy paper
  • High-quality surface smoothness
  • Consistent performance
  • GSM: 70/75/80/85
  • Size: A4 (210x297mm) / FS
  • Available in 75GSM (color copier)

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Photo Copy Papers – One Product, Different Varieties and Numerous Uses

Not sure which photocopy paper is right for your application? Get the advice from our experts!

Photocopy papers supplied by Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC are highly resistant to ink blotting and makes printing visible and clear. Available in a variety of sizes, which include A4 size, the entire range is widely used for offset printing, writing letter, press printing, and high-speed copying. From e-commerce to healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, small businesses to almost all types of business verticals, only the best quality photocopy papers will give outstanding results.

Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC is one of the superior providers of top-notch paper for multi-color rapid printing and distributing and high caliber marked copier paper. Shop unhesitatingly with our low-cost guarantee and free delivery at your location. With a clearly defined customer-centric approach, we have achieved a reputation of being one of the prominent photocopy paper and packaging solutions provider in the domestic and international markets.

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Photo Copy Papers

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