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Paper Cores

Reinforced Paper Cores for Packaging

Paper cores and tubes are a cost-efficient alternative to other more expensive materials such as plastic, metal, and wood. Paper cores are typically cylinders or strong cardboard tubes that are used in adhesive, fabric, electrical, and paper product industries.

The paper cores are light in weight, resistant and absorb applied force gradually without damaging the material. It is a flexible and economical product, with the ideal performance for heavy and high-speed windings. Typical applications of paper cores include shipping and mailing, cartridge fabrication, crafts, concrete pillar construction, and more. Industries that rely on paper tubes and cores include food processing, shipping and the postal service, automotive manufacturing, mechanics, material handling, construction, textile, pulp and paper, packaging, healthcare, horticulture, and art.

Depending upon the need these cores are used in:

  • Industries such as fabric and electrical
  • Structural support for toilet paper & paper towels
  • Storage for documents, art and food items
  • As gardening pots

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Paper Cores - Giving Shape to Unshaped

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Our paper cores are more than just a simple paper tube or core. Our high-quality cores would not break or jam and are reliable for everyday use. Our paper cores are the result of continuous research and technological innovation, which is exported all over the world. Key features include:

  • High dimensional core tolerances
  • Smooth, blemish-free
  • Uniform thicknesses
  • Full length or pre-cut sizes
  • Notched ends on pre-cut cores
  • Burr-free inner surfaces
  • Ability to print desired product identification

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Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC is the leader in providing paper cores that are high performing, with different surface qualities, and better winding and unwinding characteristics. No matter how tough the paper core is needed, we have everything to fulfill all those demands. We make sure to provide quality assurance and acceptable lead times.

Paper Cores

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