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Packing Tapes is considered a pressure sensitive tape used in a wide variety of applications, commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipments. A commonly used item for all types of packing is the Packaging Tapes. It is one of the most important components while completing packaging. There are various types of Packaging Tapes available. Some of them are used for domestic packing or even as a stationery item which helps to close the envelopes, stick torn items.

Pinnacle Packaging manufactures excellent Packing Tapes that are having good quality adhesive. It cannot be easily removed, ensuring the security of the confidential documents within the envelopes. For industrial packaging we manufacture the extra laminated tape which holds the two objects in a better way. Large or heavy boxes are required to have good quality packing Pinnacle Packaging has proven

the best quality output which has created a huge demand in the market.

This specific assortment of Packing Tapes from Pinnacle Packaging symbolizes best quality for all packing material. These types of pack sealing tapes present protected containment and also easy application for the presentation skilled. Tough assisting resists smashing and also cracking, actually in the course of rough managing.

  1. Packing Tapes is a pressure sensitive tape commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipments.
  2. Transparent Office Tape commonly referred to as "Scotch tape", commonly used for sealing envelope, repairing torn paper
  3. Masking Tape- Used for painting and protecting surfaces that should not be painted.

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