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Dunnage Bags popularly known as as airbags, air cushions, and inflatable bags, are used to secure and stabilize cargo. They consist of closed chambers made from an elastic film filled with air. These bags are available in multiple sizes and designs, ranging from spheres, standard cushions to corner and edge cushioning and tubular cushioning.

Pinnacle Packaging manufactures superior quality bags, these when filled with air they become a new 3-dimensional bulkhead, preventing the actual products coming from changing. Polyproylene Stitched Dunnage bags can also be offered.

Produced from just one or even several layers of Kraft document and polyethylene, this kind of answer helps prevent problems during travel simply by preventing items into the heap service provider. dunnage bags may be used for deliveries simply by route, marine or even track and with regards to the device program,

airbags might be re-used. Professional Dunnage Bags are placed in the emptiness between your cargos. When filled with air these people variety a new 3-dimensional bulkhead as a result preventing the actual products coming from changing.

  1. Some bags can be reused or are recyclable.
  2. Undamaged and equipped with a screw-on quick fill valve.
  3. For single use, the bag is equipped with a quick-fill one-way safety valve.
  4. Inflatable air cushions are available in both as disposable items and as recyclable products
  1. Dunnage bags are used to stabilize, secure, and protect cargo during different types of transportation.
  2. Can be secured with the use of dunnage bags, including break bulk and palletized cargo, coils, barrels, cases, and crates.
  3. Safely used in both shipping and receiving end of transportation, and are waterproof.

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