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Corrugated Rolls

Transit, Fulfilment and Retail Packaging for Any Application

Regardless of your industry, equipment, application or environment, you can source suitable Corrugated Rolls and Edge Boards. Packaging materials like corrugated rolls are a cost-effective transit packaging solution that is trusted by logistics and shipping companies across the world. Corrugated board is one of the few packaging materials that can be cut and folded to various shapes and sizes and offers many benefits to consumers.

Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC put a strong focus on R&D and strive to optimize the strength to weight ratio. Moreover, all of our products adhere to the highest quality standards and are available in a wide range of sizes or can be customized according to the specific needs. Our range of corrugated rolls, edge boards are available in many different styles and combinations, from standard sizes to customized solutions.

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Corrugated Rolls and Edge Boards - Different Solutions for Different Needs

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As a leading supplier of packaging and strapping solutions, Pinnacle Packaging Industries, LLC help your business in creating successful corrugated packaging products. If you are considering to undertake a cost reduction project, need to reduce transit damage or simply require efficient, high performance and easy to use packaging solution or if you need to boost sales and enhance your brand reputation, our products ensure to help you achieve that as well.

Benefits of corrugated packaging materials:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Versatile, used in many industries
  • Completely recyclable
  • Low purchase costs vs. alternative transport packaging products

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Our Range of Corrugated Materials for Packaging

From wrapping large products to being used for lightweight pads and dividers, corrugated rolls are an extremely versatile packaging solution. They’re also capable of being cut easily to any size, making them a highly flexible choice.

Corrugated Paper Rolls:

It is flexible and lightweight for interleaving and separating products. Generally used in packaging of diversified industrial products. Available in 2 ply. Weight: 10 kg to 30 kg.

Edge Boards:

It’s a small length of Corner Board which can be applied under steel or plastic strap so that the strap does not cut into the product or the product when it is tensioned. Thickness: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm.

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