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Adhesive tape is widely use in industrial packing, household packing and have multiple other usage area. They are available in various types and sizes. Pinnacle Packaging manufacture the quality Adhesive tape which has prominently use in different areas. Our high quality Adhesive tape are environmental friendly and can withhold fairly good amount of pressure. With extensive years of experience we have mastered the art of manufacturing Adhesive tape that has a huge demand in the market especially when it comes to industrial products packaging.

They are made available in different colours and grades depending upon where their application suits. These types of Adhesive Tape are easily removable and also pasted personally. Our Adhesive tape is generally precise, standardize and appropriate in diversified industrial sectors for presentation purpose and in day-to-day presentation as well.

Pinnacle Packaging offers high quality array of adhesive tape having environmentally friendly features that supply high executed capacity. Using the several years regarding manufacturing knowledge, we've been able to function your valued consumers having a wide range of PVC Insulating material Tapes. This type of Adhesive tape is generally extremely treasured by the consumers for his or her large area of applications. Your selection can be purchased in a number of grades and also colours in which function the needs and also collection of your consumers in a powerful way.

  1. Eco friendly
  2. Available in wide colour range
  3. A good holding power / powerful grip
  4. Having heat insulation property.
  1. Widely use for packaging of small boxes, large boxes, industrial products etc.
  2. Widely used for colour separation and hand spray painting
  3. Furniture making, automobile and aircraft painting, in appliance manufacturing,
  4. Decorative glass making, powder coating, plating and sandblasting.

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As one of the U.A.E most upcoming manufacturer of high quality Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tape along with variety of other products moving successfully to local and other GCC countries

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